Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just When We Got Comfortable, Life Changes Again!!

So, we finally started Nicholas on the pump, the Omni Pod to be exact.  It has been a rough start and it's only our second day.  On day one, my parents were watching Nicholas and apparently towards the afternoon, the cannula came out and his blood sugar shot up to 425.  So, my husband goes to pick him up and has to put a new pod on.  The upside to this...... we figured out that we would put the pods on when he is sleeping.  He didn't feel a thing!!! All in all, his numbers were decent, he had some highs, and not too many lows.  On day two, I went to buy some sticky ace bandage thing to try and keep the pod from ripping, but I took the kids swimming and it ripped a little anyways.  He still has the pod on, but with the help of the ace bandage.  His numbers are higher today, so we have to adjust his basal rate to bring him down a little.  
He still knows how to have fun and be a kid!!!
It seems like being on the pump may make life easier for him, harder on us.  We have to get up at 12:00 and 3:00 a.m. to check him every night to make sure he doesn't go low and we now have to check him more times per day.  But all in all, the Omni Pod is pretty easy to operate.  The trick is in getting the stupid little pod to stick to his skinny body.