Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And just when I thought it was a sure thing.......

So, we have been looking and asking and begging for Nicholas to be put on the pump now for about a year and through reading blogs and lots of information on the internet, we decided to go with the OmniPod.  We filled out paperwork and sent it into the company and just when I thought we would get it..... low and behold, the Doctor is concerned with the pod not sticking or the needle coming out.  But, they are going to put Nicholas on a, I guess you would call it a "dummy pump".  It works, but they are going to put saline into it so we essentially get to test drive it.  Yeah!! 
I know the pump (from what I have read) is a lot more work, but I hope that I don't have to field any questions such as "Why did I have to get diabetes?" and "What did I do to deserve diabetes?" when I give him his injections.  
So we met with really nice lady and she gave us a breakdown of how the OmniPod works and the features of it.  The instructional meeting was about 45 minutes and then it came time to put the pod on Nick.  So she got it ready and prepped it with the saline solution and was keeping Nick's mind occupied the whole time with various questions.  She put the pod on him and started the cannula entry.  I felt sooooo bad because I could see the look on his face and I  just had a feeling had she not been there, he would have cried.  But he was an absolute trooper.  Good Job, Nick!!!
We were on our way up north that weekend, so we would be able to see how it did in the water and with him playing.  Well.... it didn't do so well.  It came unstuck and ripped.  But this was a good thing.  It gave us an idea of what it would do and we could be prepared.  It does really well if he doesn't get wet, it stays on much better.  But once you get that material wet, it becomes a little delicate.  But all in all, it was good, Nick was able to wear it without becoming aggravated by it. 

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  1. My daughter swims like a fish in the summer and does gymnastics, dance, and ice skating in the fall/winter/spring and we have minimal problems with it coming off.

    In fact one of the few pods she has ever ripped off was during the saline trial week. Next month will mark two years with OmniPod for us.

    Good luck!