Friday, August 26, 2011

And a BIG Thank You goes to...........

Thank you to all those moms out there who offered their support and advice! It was really appreciated! It is so nice knowing that there is sort of a cyber support group out there and it helps not feeling so alone.  So.... when I say Thank you, I mean THANK YOU with a BIG hug.

I know that it is rough in the beginning, but it will just take some getting used to.  But the upside to all of the stress and the headaches of it is that Nick's blood sugars have been really good, in the low to mid 100's (when my dad isn't sneaking him chocolate - which is a whole other issue).  I have bribed Nick to let me put the pod on while he is not sleeping.  It works to a certain extent. BUT IT'S GETTING TO BE EXPENSIVE.
But I guess as long as he doesn't cry, then I'm good.  Everything is good with the pump and Nick so far, my sole purpose for posting this was to extend my gratitude to those who have helped my and offered their support and advice.  And thank you to Laura from "Houston.... We Have a PROBLEM" for all of your help!!!


  1. When we first started OmniPod I made a sticker chart with 30 squares and told Q that she could have a prize when she filled it up. She chose a new art kit.

    So it wasn't so much a bribe as a reward and it wasn't too expensive.

    And the reality is that after a few weeks it wasn't a big deal anymore.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi there ---- the blog looks good!! Nice job on the buttons. Yea - for good numbers. I'm also a YEA for bribes! :)